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Blueys has a huge range of tie-down fittings, from drop-down ‘t’ fittings to recessed hooks, recessed rings and side-mounted tie points. If you want it, we’ve got it.

Check out this tie-down rack. You can adjust and move the tie-down points along a special track. Excellent for tradies who frequently carry a wide range of tools and materials.

Rail Guards

Tired of your tonneau sand-papering your top rails ? Railguard is a 75mm wide PVC self adhesive strip that will stop top rail damage – especially the damage caused by rubbing tonneaus ! It is very easy to apply, and comes in a 6 metre pack which is enough to do both sides, top of the tailgate and along cab wall. It’s also great for hiding past damage and making your Ute look respectable again !

Tray Fittings

If you’re looking for spare parts for your tray, hinge pins or additions (like the tailgate-mate below), Blueys has all the bits that you need.




Blueys carries a full range of ‘Just Straps’. Tie-downs and security for anything you care to carry, on any vehicle you care to use.


The TX3220 is GME’s lowest cost mobile 40 channel UHF CB radio. The TX3220 is a simple to operate, tough and very compact UHF transceiver with built in scanning.

Proudly Australian designed and built.Features:

  • User selectable priority channel

  • User selectable open and group channels scanning

  • User adjustable squelch level

  • User selectable duplex (repeater) channels

  • 20 extra dealer programmable receive-only channels cover 403-520MHz

  • 50 built-in CTCSS codes

  • Graphic signal strength meter

  • Front panel speaker

  • Includes 3 year GME warranty!

The TX4400 transceiver is Australian designed and built and is one of the most advanced UHF Citizen Band radios available.

Proudly Australian designed and built.Features:

  • 40 UHF CB tx/rx channels

  • 20 extra receive-only front panel programmable channels cover 465-485MHz

  • 5 digit selcall with quiet mode and 10 memories

  • 50 CTCSS codes

  • Alpha-numeric tagging

  • Priority channel operation

  • Front panel speaker

  • Open and group scanning modes

  • Includes 2 year GME warranty!

Please note: Radio and Aerial products are not available from every Blueys store. Contact us to check availability.


GME AE4018K1.Heavy Duty Elevated Feed Base, Barrel Spring and Fibreglass Colinear c/w 4.5 metres low loss foam Coaxial cable and PL259.Length: 1.0 meter approx. Frequency: 477MHz

Ideally suited for Bonnet, Boot, Nudge Bar and Bull Bar Mounting, considered a Medium to Heavy duty Antenna

Mobile 1 RF470. Low angle of radiation, steel whip section.

830mm length, 477MHz. Omni-directional pattern. For bull-bar mounting add the optional ‘SAR’ spring.

Mobile 1 RF470FW.

Sturdy, heavy-duty full-fibreglass (base & whip section). 810mm length, freq. range 474-482MHz.

Can be fitted with an optional ‘SAR’ spring for bomb-proof strength.

Please note: Radio and Aerial products are not available from every Blueys store. Contact us to check availability.

Rust Prevention

Can you spot the problem?

It’s not hard to pick an OLD rusting Ute. But how about your NEW Ute which will start deteriorating the moment you drive off the showroom floor?

Motor dealers LOVE selling those over-priced rust prevention and paint protection packages. They get 100% to 200% profit margins and you get goo sprayed allover the place except where you really need protection. In many cases these traditional “solutions” cause rust because they block your vehicles drainage holes!

Bluey’s is pleased to offer you the latest electronic solid state anti corrosion device available in Australia. It’s called ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention System) and here’s what it will do for your Ute:

  • Prevent corrosion on any metal surface that is earthed to the vehicle, INCLUDING the roof, door pillars, radiator, brakes and even inside your exhaust system!
  • Prevent stone chips from rusting
  • Prevent paint from oxidising (no need to polish)
  • Prevent aluminium parts (eg wheels, bullbar, nudge bars, Sports Bars) from oxidising so that they’ll retain their polished appearance


ERPS runs off your battery and uses a method called “capacitive coupling”. A DC voltage is pulsated through all metal and painted surfaces forming an excess of ION’s which inhibits oxidisation (rust). It is the ONLY device of its kind to produce a DC voltage strong enough to be read on a Volt-OHM meter. ERPS draws under 50ma from your battery; about the same as a digital clock. No other system can protect as extensively as ERPS! It’s soft on the environment too – no chemicals or sprays.


Q: Does ERPS interfere with vehicle computers or radios, or devices such as human Pace Makers ?
A: NO – ERPS emits a negative charge & has no effect on other systems.

Q: Will it flatten my battery
NO – power draw is a tiny 50ma, similar to a digital clock.

Q: My vehicle already has rust – will it help?
A: YES. In all but very severe cases the corrosion rate will slow within 8-10 weeks. The vehicle should be repaired after ERPS has been installed about 3 months.

Q: What if I sell my vehicle?
A: EASY – Contact Bluey’s and we’ll transfer ERPS to your new one at low cost.

Q: What is ERPS’s lifespan
A: INDEFINITE – no moving parts solid state.

Q: Will it affect my health?
A: NO.

Q: Will it work on my trailer?
A: YES – While ever it is connected to your vehicle and not earthed.

Q: Will it work on other types of vehicles?
A: YES – it works just as well on Utes, 4WD’s, sedans, tractors, ATV’s, motorcycles, or any vehicle that carries a battery & isn’t earthed.

No Ute, 4WD, Sedan, Truck, Motorcycle, Tractor, or ATV should be without ERPS


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