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Sports Bars


Since 1995 Bluey's has been THE place to find the latest and best in Sports (“Roll”) Bars. First of all we pioneered Rail Mounted bars, and these have now become the industry standard. Then we introduced Sports Bars with brake lights, and just recently Bluey's has introduced the Mother-of-Them-All, the FOUR INCH diameter polished alloy Sports Bar. They simply don't come any bigger than that (see below)!


A lot of people will tell you that you can’t fit “fat” Sports Bars to Jap Utes and have ‘em look good. Bluey’s says “baloney”. Check out these FOUR INCH rail mounted polished alloy Sports Bars and then see if you agree with us…….


Note that the above photos show the Ute without a tonneau. Once you add a tonneau that is cut out around the bars you have an incredibly good looking set of bars that don’t take up one inch of tray space…… !


The three most popular sized polished alloy bars are shown here. The FOUR INCH or 102mm (left), the three inch or 76mm (centre) and the two and a half inch or 64mm (right). All Bluey's bars are highly polished to produce a mirror finish.


Commodore VU with Bluey's 76mm (3″) polished alloy Sports Bar (Note Mandrell bent contours, perfectly uniform, no distortion). Similar bar also now available in massive 102mm (FOUR INCH) polished alloy.


Bluey’s Sports Bars are available in a range of sizes and designs, for just about any Ute in the Aussie market place.


Roll on in to one of our stores and check out the options for your Ute. We’re always happy to take a few sets of bars out into the car park and sit them on your Ute, so you can get a feel for what you feel looks best for your Ute. And don’t forget, we can weld tabs on any of our bars for your spot lights or aerials.

BLUEY’S TIPIf you want to keep your alloy bars looking great, hit them with a good quality metal polish once a month. If you don’t like to go to the effort of polishing, there is a new solid state electronic device that Bluey’s can install in your Ute that will prevent your bars from oxidizing and going dull. In addition this device will prevent rust in all metal parts that are earthed to your Ute, including inside your muffler, roof, door pillars and other places that traditional rust solutions cannot even reach. Check out the accessories section of the website.

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