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Alphas’ smooth styling and curved tinted windows give a modern stylish look to new utes . No more clunky square shaped canopies for your pride and joy. An Alpha ute canopy converts a standard ute into a stylish workhorse – suitable for tradies or for the whole family to head off for the weekend.

You can fit heaps of camping gear or work related items in the back under a ute canopy. A constant endeavour of Blueys is to provide a top quality ute canopy for our customers. The Ute Canopy is one of the most important accessories. A Ute canopy can assist mobile online stores to operate easily as well as tradesmen and maintenance workers. Utes need to be equipped with great looking long lasting accessories like the Alpha Ute Canopy.

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    Hilux with lift up windows

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    Hilux Extra Cab Alpha

  • canopiesimg5

    D40 Navara (D22 also available)

  • canopiesimg6

    D40 Navara with lift up windows

  • canopiesimg7

    Colorado Alpha GTEM1

  • canopiesimg8

    Colorado Alpha GSE

  • canopiesimg9

    Ranger Alpha

  • canopiesimg10

    Ranger with lift up windows

  • canopiesimg11

    Triton Alpha

  • canopiesimg12

    Triton Alpha

  • canopiesimg13

    Amarok GSE with sliding windows

  • canopiesimg14

    Amarok CME with lift up sides

Alpha canopies are available for current model dual cab utes including Ranger and BT50, Colorado, Hilux , Amarok, Navara D40 and D22, and Triton. PK Ranger, ML Triton and RA rodeo are also available. Hilux extra cab Alpha canopies can be ordered. Alphas are colour coded to your vehicle at one of our shops ( see Store Locator) or we can send you an unpainted canopy to be colour coded locally , in your town, to match your vehicle.

If you'd like to purchase any Bluey's product you can call us on FREE CALL 1800 632 000 or E-mail Us at bluey@blueys.com.au