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Ute trays are quite important in today’s market since pickup trucks have become an integral component of many home based businesses. Most of the home based businesses in Australia are opting for Ute Trays and Canopies in order to provide full proof protection to the clients. Full protection includes weather shields, chemical resistance as well as protection from mechanical damage. Ute Trays provide immense protection to the Pick Up trucks since; the pickup trucks are prone to various kinds of damages. A substantial damage to a pickup truck is not desirable by any standards. Damage to pickup trucks would obviously reduce the cost affective factor of using pick up trucks. The cost of a Ute Tray is less compared to the cost one would have to bear to get a pickup truck repaired properly.

Ute Trays have more utility compared to the cost of the pickup truck. The cost of the pickup truck has to be realized through the overall utility of the pickup truck to the growth of the business. A pickup truck acts like a force multiplier. A force multiplier is worth giving a try since it would add to the benefits of a particular business. There are pickup trucks manufactured by various companies like Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Honda. All of these trucks have to be equipped with full proof protection tools like Ute Trays and Ute Canopy. Ute Trays and Ute Canopies are bound to increase the life of an average pick up truck. A pickup truck is a great deal for any small business. A pickup truck endures a lot of wear and tear and for the same reason; a person has to provide full proof protection to the base of a pick up truck. The base of a pickup truck can only be protected with a Ute Tray. A Ute Tray is bound to have certain utilities in regards to the longevity of the truck. This is the reason why, we have to provide quality protection to the pick up trucks. Pick up trucks make a great business in a place like Australia. Australia is known for the growth of small and medium scale businesses.

In order to assist these businesses in getting more support, pickup trucks are playing a great role. Ute trays are either made of steel or they are manufactured out of quality plastic fibers with high durability. The durability of Ute Trays makes pickup trucks a very viable option for all users who are willing to invest some money on personalized business transportation. Hence, it is evident that options like Ute Tray and Ute Canopy is making a great difference to the way we look at small businesses. Small business owners can now opt for the easiest transportation options which would be through pickup trucks. Pickup trucks ease the hassles of business transportation through unique options available at the disposal of the pickup truck owners. Pick up trucks can be used for a variety of other tasks like farming and mobile stores selling food and other essential items. Stores on the move are quite popular in countries like Australia and New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand have a large number of home based businesses which need to continually transport items from one region to another. For them, a pickup truck is a great option.

“Our aluminium trays are really strong and great value. The front ladder rack behind the cabin is secured by a special extrusion that extends all the way to the floor of the tray . This rack is 76mm diameter and includes security mesh to protect driver and passenger. “Fold-up” pegs help retain ladders and other long cargo. The tray floor is rated to a heavy duty “2 tonnes”. Rope rails are located along the full length of each side of the ute tray. Trays can be fitted to double cab, extra cab and single cab utes. If you have a styleside tub on your ute, we can do the complete changeover to a flat aluminium tray.

Optional extras

The rear ladder rack looks great with smooth mandrel bends and is 76mm diameter to match the front rack . It is recessed with supports below the level of the tray floor so that when it is removed cargo can slide easily over the tray floor. “Fold-up” pegs match the front ladder rack.
An underbody drawer can be fitted to keep tools and equimpent locked up and out of the way. The drawer is heavy duty with metal rollers to provide easy opening and closing . Dimensions are 1800 x 750 x 175 mm. The trundle drawer can be retro-fitted so doesn’t have to be purchased when the ute tray is being fitted initially. ”

These square steel tube racks are rated to carry 300 kg. They include a section that extends over the cabin of the ute. This “cab-over” rack stops flexible cargo like pipes from damaging the roof of the cabin.

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