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Silly Bastards & Tough Luck :

Every Ute driver does something crazy now and again. You know when it happens, because someone calls you a Silly Bastard !

Also, don’t forget to check out our Poor Bastards section.

To celebrate, Bluey’s is happy to publish your “Silly Bastards” Pictures.
All you have to do is send us a photo of the silliest thing you’ve done/seen in your (or someone else’s) Ute.

Mail (or email) your silly photo (with your name and address) to Bluey’s at 79 Falconer St, West Ryde, NSW 2114 (or email tobluey@blueys.com.au).

submitted by Jono, Two wells, SA

I just don’t know what you can say about this?We were at this party and me and a few of me mates had a few drinks, so we decide to start doin some earth movin with our utes and cars. Anyway my mate has a Hyundi Lantra, but he was a bit too blind and started to just drive around in a circle spinning his tires, redlinin his car. When he stopped and went to leave but the car wouldn’ t move. It turns out that he’d dropped his diff. Then when he was gettin towed home he rode the brakes the whole way and stuffed his brake pads. Then when they went out to move it from my mates driveway they rolled it about 3 meters and went to stop and couldn’ t (stuffed brakes) so he ran right up the arse of my mates Triton Ute. Silly bastard!Thanks mate

Poor Bastards Ever had a run of bad luck in your Ute ? Maybe you were doin’ circle work behind the Pub and hit the public dunny, maybe you hit & killed the neighbour’s pedigreed Alpaca (and got caught), maybe your partner left you for somebody with a better lookin’ Ute! You know for sure you’ve had a rough trot when you tell your story to your Best Mate, and he or she says “you poor bastard”. In honour of all Australia’s Ute Drivin’ Poor Bastards, Bluey’s has decided to create the World Wide Web’s first ever POOR BASTARDS PAGE.

This is where YOU can tell us about YOUR bad luck, and if you happen to have the worst Ute experience of the month, we’ll send you a Bluey’s Ute Drivin’ T Shirt for FREE. All you do is email (or snail mail) us with a brief story on your bad-luck Ute experience, preferably with a photo, and we’ll whack all the details on our POOR BASTARDS page for all the world to see. The lines are open.

C’mon all you Poor Bastards, tell us your problems………. !

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