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Woven rubber Ute & Tray mats are the BEST you can get for steel Ute bodies and trays where rust is the Number One Enemy. These super tough mats are made from 100% recycled tyres. You can’t see through the mat, but air can pass through the entire surface. This means no condensation, no moisture, and no rust. Also, they are the best GRIPPING mats ever made. Goods are held in place by the woven surface, so even when you’re cornering there’s none of that annoying sliding and banging of cargo. These mats come in precut sizes to custom fit all new and most older Utes and Table Tops. There’s a special size for Falcon AU Utes which have super slippery trays! We ship Australia wide every day – call us for a quote!

BLUEY’S TIP: It can be false economy to use old conveyor belt, plywood, carpet and similar DIY solutions to protect the tray of your Ute. Not only do they trap moisture, but they allow gear to slide around and cause wall damage. Any money you spend on tray protection is usually repaid many times over when you sell or trade Your Ute. Most potential buyers assess the “work” done by your Ute by the condition of your tray; the less damage and wear and tear, the more you’ll get.

Solid rubber mats have shallow ribs on top and nipples underneath. While they don’t have the anti-slip qualities of the woven mat, they provide good protection for aluminium Table Tops (where rust is not an issue), or where you don’t want spilt liquids to penetrate underneath the mat. Easy to cut to size with sharp knife.
Available size 2400mm x 1800mm

Universal Utility Mat – Utes, Trays, Boats, Vans, Campers, Trailers. 530691892.
An extremely tough rubber/PVC compound mat with universal applications. Comes with holes to aid breathing and grip. You buy it 1800mm wide x the required length and then cut the resulting rectangle to the shape required with a sharp knife. You can even put sections side by side to cover larger areas. Thickness is 7mm. Can be cut to suit any shape on any surface – utes, trays, boats, vans, campers. Weighs 14.6 Kg per mtr length. Not available in all stores. Price is $99 per metre. Can be purchased in whole metres or in parts of a metre. For example standard 1.8 mtr width x 1.6mts long would cover most standard ute-tub dual cabs.

Tailgate Mats

Tailgate mats have shallow ribs on top and nipples underneath, and come with a fixing kit comprising washers and self tapping screws. These mats simply screw onto your tailgate to protect the surface when loading. Easy to install, and no extra freight cost if you order these with your Ute mat.

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