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Tray Boxes

Hi Side Ute Box: Features T handle locks, 2x gas struts, water resistant seals, bevelled edge lid, concealed piano hinge and includes an internal tray. **May not be available in all stores, Prices may vary from store to store**.1425L X 650H X 540W: $ 995 Incl . Part No. 210010208

Economy Box: Features 2x T handle locks, water resistant seals, bevel l ed edge lid, hi-quality robot welding and concealed piano hinge. **May not be available in all stores, Prices may vary from store to store**.1500L X 390H 390W: $495 Incl . Part. 210010212

Hunchback boxes are specially designed to fit under the rear cabin window of Falcon XD-XH and Commodore Utes. They come in checkerplate Aluminium.

Dual & Extra Cab boxes have been specially designed to fit snugly over your wheel arches at the front of your tray. These are the ONLY boxes that sit UNDER your tonneau without wasting any space.

Underbody Boxes



Underbody Box: Features left or right-hand opening (specify at time of purchase), water resistant foldback lip, Hi-quality robot welding and continuous piano hinge. **May not be available in all stores, Prices may vary from store to store**.

740 top edge L x 420H x 240W: $395 Incl

LHS Rear 210010220. RHS Rear 210010224.

Custom Boxes


Supply your own measurements. Have a box made to your exact specifications for a perfect fit on or in your tray. Check out the Heavy-Duty tray section for an example of a custom job.

Locka Flat-Pack Boxes



Flat Packed Boxes. DIY Assembly. 2 Door STEEL BOX 830 x 510 x 1100 (assembled). An Australian designed and manufactured steel toolbox, Bluey was very impressed with the design and the way this box goes together. Featuring a “door within a door” , you can quickly get the small stuff out without lowering the trays’ drop sides. To load large items you open the large door. Supplied using special flat pack technology, you assemble this Patented box in about 2 hours. A complete kit with all fittings, rivets and seals. Rivet gun required. Flatpacked size 1100 x 880 x 140. Weight 57Kg. May not be available in all stores. Part No. 230417890


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