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These cargo bars ratchet out to meet the side of the ute tub. The rubber feet press against both sides and lock it in place. You can easily and simply put the bar in place to wedge boxes , tools or groceries so that they can’t rattle around the ute back.  With two cargo bars and some plastic tubs you can neatly organise all your gear in the average ute.


Blueys is no longer an agent for the Lyco Loader

Cargo Drawer


If you’re carrying heavy items that are hard to lift out of your tray, think about a Ute Cargo Drawer. With full roller bearings, these units can roll 400kg with the push of one finger. They come as an open Drawer or fully enclosed, allowing you to easily double your cargo carrying surface area. Especially handy where a canopy may restrict access to your full tray.

Underbody Drawer


Underbody Drawers are a great place to securely store gear that you want to keep off the top of your tray. These can be retro-fitted to your existing tray, or can easily be fitted with most new trays. They feature a T handle with flush lock, and measure 1800mm long, 750mm wide and around 200mm deep. Depending on the design of your tray, you may or may not have to increase your tray height to accommodate the Drawer. (Just check out how much clearance you have under your tray; you need about 200mm)

Straps/Tie Downs


Blueys carries a full range of ‘Just Straps’. Tie-downs and security for anything you care to carry, on any vehicle you care to use.

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